About My Blog

Andi Altendorfer’s personal blog about software-development, clean coding, Ruby, Elixir, Musik, Benzin & Kuchen.

A collection of more or less relevant stuff I list here for my archive and for sharing with friends and anybody who will have any benefit from this information. But sure without any warranty.

Making Of

A Jekyll-container drives this blog at my AWS-EC2 instance. I maintain the content in a git-repository and can edit it from anywhere.

Usually, I check my changes by starting Jekyll locally. When I’m happy with the preview, I push my changes to the repo, and the container will trigger this action by pulling the changes to the server.

No need to back up anything. The container can get installed with docker pull, and the content comes from git pull.

Simple as it should be!

About Me


%Dev{ name: "Andreas Altendorfer",
      twitter: "nickendell",
      google: [ "+AndreasAltendorfer", 
      github: "iboard",
      blog: "",
      e_mail: "",
      bio: "Coding since 1984, Father of two, 
            Software Veteran, Clean Coder, 
            ... Musik, Benzin und Kuchen"